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Juan Dela Cruz, CI, Southwestern University

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Maria Reyes

Clinical Instructor, University of Bohol

QuizBuilder has been an absolute game-changer for me as a Clinical Instructor. Before using the platform, I was spending 7-8 hours every week creating new quiz questions from scratch, which left me feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. Now, with QuizBuilder's extensive question bank and automated tools, I can put together assessments in a fraction of the time. It's truly given me back my weeknights and weekends to focus on supporting my students and enjoying my personal life. I only wish I had discovered QuizBuilder sooner!

Juan Dela Cruz

Clinical Instructor, Southwestern University

As a Clinical Instructor, one of my biggest challenges was consistently identifying and assisting struggling students. QuizBuilder's advanced analytics have been a lifesaver – the real-time performance tracking and detailed reporting make it so much easier for me to spot at-risk learners and intervene before they fall behind. Not only has this improved my students' PNLE pass rates, but it's also boosted my own job satisfaction knowing that I'm truly making a difference. I highly recommend QuizBuilder to any CI looking to enhance their teaching effectiveness

“Initially tech-shy, I found ConcisePass daunting. But the team's patience during our tutorial turned my apprehension into confidence. Now, creating quizzes in OBGYN is not just easy; it’s enjoyable”

Fatima Gonzalez

Clinical Instructor, University of Cebu

Before QuizBuilder, creating and administering nursing assessments was an absolute chore. The time-consuming process of writing new questions, printing exams, and manually grading them was draining both my energy and enthusiasm. But with QuizBuilder, I've been able to cut my weekly assessment workload by over 60%. Now, I can focus on providing more engaging learning experiences for my students and giving them the tailored feedback they need to succeed. QuizBuilder has truly transformed the way I approach my role as a Clinical Instructor.

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