Class Presidents: Earn Money and Help Your Classmates Pass the PNLE with ConcisePass

Are you a class president? Do you want to earn money and help your classmates pass the PNLE? If so, then ConcisePass is the perfect opportunity for you! Book a short call in the below calender to discuss our referral program and learn about the potential commission.
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Earn money AND benefit your classmates!

Bring ConcisePass to your class, earn a commission and help everyone triumph the PNLE

Earn and benefit your classmates

As a class president, you can earn a commission of up to 30% of the total deal when you promote ConcisePass to your classmates.

State of the art pnle-prep

ConcisePass is a state-of-the-art PNLE-prep platform that is designed to help nursing students succeed. It is affordable, accessible, and backed by the expertise of leading nursing educators.

Introduce us to your Level coordinator for pay

You can also earn a fixed rate compensation of $20 for introducing us to your level coordinators and facilitating a meeting with them.

Study at Your Own Pace

Enjoy the flexibility to study whenever and wherever it suits you, allowing you to balance your exam preparation with other commitments.

Affordable Pricing Options

Choose from a range of pricing plans to fit your budget, including an early-bird discount for the first month, ensuring cost-effective access to high-quality study materials.

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