Filipino RN?
Friendly and easy going?
Can you set appointment with Nursing Clinical instructors and Level-Coordinators through FB?
We've built an awsome product that transforms the way Filipino nurses review for the PNLE.
Now, we are doing everything we can to get it to the hands of as many students as we can and need your help to connect us to teaching staff!

How does this work?

  • Hiring Filipino RNs for home-based appointment setting via FB.
  • Assigned 5 nursing school accounts w/ collaterals.
  • Reach faculty members via FB or LinkedIn, pitch ConcisePass benefits for student and faculty
  • use Calendly to set meetings

before our call,

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Ednalyn V.
Ednalyn V.May 2022 Board Passer from St. Ferdinand College
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RN na po ako! Thank you so much. Anlaki po ng tulong ng Concise review. Andami nyo natulungan ma'am na tulad kong walang budget for review centers.
Jessa Alviola
Jessa AlviolaRegistered Nurse working in Canada
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Concise is a great web app for students. You can practice the PNLE with its fun quizzes.
Kathleen Mae
Kathleen Mae3rd Year Nursing Student from Cebu
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Concise Nursing is an impressive web app for future Nurses. I love how you can answer nursing review questions and get to read the complete rationale after!
Nykie Malagayo
Nykie Malagayo BSN 4 Easter College Department of Nursing
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The questions and rationale are well explained. I love the added pathophysiology, signs and symptoms and the nursing management notes.
Rhea Clariz N. Fortus
Rhea Clariz N. FortusCapitol Medical Center Colleges
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Overall, Concise is a user-friendly web app. In the quiz page, the provided score percentage is excellent in tracking the status of learners... I am really amazed how this app is made. I can really see how helpful this will be!

Introduce us to your Level-coordinator for pay

You can also earn a fixed rate compensation of $20 for introducing us to your level coordinators and facilitating a meeting with them.

Alternatively - Refer a freind for commision.

You can also simply refer your freinds and get a commision when they upgrade to a paid subscription.

Benefits for the your classmates

Study at Your Own Pace

Enjoy the flexibility to study whenever and wherever it suits you, allowing you to balance your exam preparation with other commitments.

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Choose from a range of pricing plans to fit your budget, including an early-bird discount for the first month, ensuring cost-effective access to high-quality study materials.

State of the art pnle-prep

ConcisePass is a state-of-the-art PNLE-prep platform that is designed to help nursing students succeed. It is affordable, accessible, and backed by the expertise of leading nursing educators.

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Enjoy 450 MCQs with detailed rationales, explainers and more!

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